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18 year old ENFP Hufflepuff who likes a lot of stuff but mostly sitcoms and musicals.
Soon to be an undergrad lit and creative writing student.
I'm usually really busy but sometimes kind of lazy.
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Ever notice how when justifying a child’s misbehavior no one ever says stuff like “girls will be girls” or “she’s a girl”, but the list of things a “young lady” can’t do is almost endless?

You learn from a young age that masculinity comes with freedom; femininity comes with restrictions.


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favorite musicals: 2/?matilda

"just because i find myself in this story, it doesn’t mean that everything is written for me. if i think the ending is fixed already i might as well be saying that it’s ok, and that’s not right!"

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usketeers ewatch: 67/??

How many times have you cleaned that pistol tonight?


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How manipulative is Margaery? Is it all about playing the angles or is there like, some deep heart in there, too? What’s her motivation? (x)

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